Tax Lex Trustee SA

Trustee services

Tax Lex Trustee SA is a Swiss licensed trustee offering the creation and administration of trusts, in which it acts as trustee.

The administration of the trusts is undertaken in Switzerland Tax Lex Trustee SA, which is managed by Swiss qualified lawyers with an in-depth experience in trust matters.

Tax Lex Trustee SA provides all services relating to the administration of trusts and their underlying assets.

As a financial institution under Swiss law, Tax Lex Trustee SA is subject to the Federal Law on Financial Institutions (LEFin) and is authorised and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) through the Supervisory Body for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees (SO-FIT).

Tax Lex Trustee SA essentially creates trusts under the law of the British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands law offers a modern and flexible trust legislation. The trusts are however administered in Switzerland by Tax Lex Trustee SA which facilitates the communication with clients who do not have to deal with professionals domiciled in a remote location with different cultural backgrounds.


Pierre-André Béguin
Attorney at the Geneva Bar

Thomas Béguin
Attorney at the Geneva Bar LL.M Tax, Trust and Estate Practitioner

Ludovic Rais
Attorney at the Geneva Bar